Vanessa Hutchinson - Instructor

-Vanessa has over nineteen years of experience with horses, having lived on a farm since early childhood. As the farms full time resident instructor she will be responsible for training horses and teaching students of all levels to become involved and successfully engaged in their horse endeavours.


She has actively competed in both the hunter and jumper ring at the Trillium and A-circuit level for several years.  She is currently competing at the National level in the Grand Prix jumper ring at 1.4 metres.


She has 10 years of teaching experience and has worked at farms in both Ottawa and Kingston. Vanessa continues to get feedback on her riding and coaching skills by participating in clinics as well as regular lessons with her Grand Prix Ottawa jumper coach.  She has been actively involved with training and selling horses and ponies over the last several years.


“It is impossible to know everything about anything. I feel that learning is a life long process. There will always be someone I am able to learn from, which is why I've made it my goal as a coach, trainer and rider, to personally remain in an active lesson program and make a continued effort to evolve as the sport itself continues to do so. With knowledge gained and an educated background I strive to provide the best level of instruction for my students, so they are able to grow into elite equestrians".


Vanessa looks forward to discussing your riding goals and objectives and working with you to achieve them.


Barn Staff / Instructors

- The staff at our farm have many years of experience showing Hunter/Jumper and Dressage.  They have worked at some of the finest equestrian facilities in Ontario and have the knowledge, patience and attention to detail necessary to give your performance horse the level of excellent care and instruction provided at Maple Lane Stables.


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